As part of its suite of equitable growth policies aimed to attack the financial insecurity, chronic unemployment, and systemic racism experienced by too many of its minority residents, Newark is launching a guaranteed income pilot. This pilot will build on the recommendations of the 2020 Guaranteed Income Task Force, led by JFI and including a diverse array of community organizations. For the 3/4 of Black and 2/3 of Latinx Newarkers living in liquid asset poverty, and half of Newark families earning under $40,000 per year, a guaranteed income would provide a sorely-needed regular influx of cash absent the strict conditions imposed by other forms of government assistance. Launched as part of the recently-formed Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI), this pilot will help answer cutting-edge questions about how to design the most impactful guaranteed income policy, while building the evidence and coalition needed to make such a policy a political and economic reality.